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Elevate Your Network | Introducing Alta Labs
Founded in 2022, Alta Labs creates revolutionary networking technology driven by our proprietary software and hardware designs. The goal is to bring easy-to-use yet completely customizable management and utilization software to help users manage their WiFi needs, no matter the system or design they want to implement.

Hardware designs are focused on easy installation, strong performance, and reliability. Although Alta Labs is a new and upcoming brand, the people behind Alta Labs have a long and impressive track record in the industry.

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Gandalf Webinar: Alta Labs - Current and upcoming products in 2024

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• Current product portfolio
• Upcoming products in 2024
• Alta Labs partner program
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Gandalf Distribution, part of ELKO Group, is an authorised distributor for Alta Labs in the Nordics and all countries of business operation. Our helpful and experienced team can assist you with any inquiries about becoming a partner, exploring our products, or maximizing your business potential.

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Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro

The Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro Access Points feature a compact form factor and a sleek aesthetic design allowing seamless integration into corporate, commercial, and residential environments.

The AP6 Pro has support for 4096 QUAM, and is also IP54-rated for higher end commercial environments. The Access Points are powered over Ethernet for simple, clean installation.

AP6 Datasheet
AP6 Pro Datasheet

Alta Labs Switches

Mobile App
Monitor and manage your network from anywhere in the world from your mobile device.

Gig and Multi-Gig Switching Capacity
The Alta Labs switches offer Gigabit connectivity and our 24-port switch supports up to 10 Gbps.

Intuitive VLAN and Device Configuration
Intuitive VLAN and device configuration using the Alta Cloud Management platform.

Download and Upload Rate Limiting
Inbound and outbound traffic can be limited to a portion of the available bandwidth per connection.

PoE Flexibility
Whether you have a SOHO environment or an enterprise network, Alta Labs switches are designed to meet your needs.

Switch Datasheet

Get the mobile app

Alta Labs cloud management platform offers seamless monitoring and configuration capabilities from any device, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

• Easily create, manage and deploy secure wireless networks.
• View real-time and historical telemetry with a visual timeline of each connected device.
• Manage content restrictions for WiFi devices.
• Set and manage network downtime via a built-in scheduler.

The management interface is easily accessible via mobile app or web browser. Sign up for an Alta Labs account using just your name, email, and password or use Google Authentication.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Why Alta Labs?

Alta Labs is redefining how enterprise, business, and residential users connect to the world around them. We develop innovative technology that challenges the norm, provides unprecedented reliability, security, scalability, and is super easy to use.

The Alta Labs experience

Alta Labs products are designed for seamless installation with an easy‑to‑use management interface available on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop system. The Alta management platform is designed for optimum scalability using a high-availability architecture for ultimate convenience and worldwide accessibility.

Many of Alta Labs's competitors charge recurring software licensing fees to use their basic management software. Alta Labs core management interface requires no licensing fees.

Alta Labs pride themselves on being available to our customers. Alta Labs wants customers to know that they are real people that can be reached easily. Alta Labs also has a wealth of resources available to customers. Interact directly with Alta Labs team online, via email, or by phone.

Visit the Alta Labs community forum for feature requests, suggestions, bug reports, or to chat with Alta engineers directly at Alta Labs help center provides the latest product documentation, videos, guides, and knowledge base articles at
  • Provides an incredibly reliable platform that offers innovative proprietary features but easy enough to use that anyone can deploy a world‑class network.
  • Has real sales, technical support, and marketing design resources available at no-cost.
  • Provides products with higher performance and reliability than competitors.
  • Provides training videos and technical support to those that are installing the products.

Alta Labs areas of use

Deploy Alta Labs products in business environments such as restaurants, coffee shops, sports bars, malls, hotels, and more. The Alta Labs management interface is simple enough for anyone to use but complex enough to meet the needs of any business environment. Using our proprietary Multi‑Password Authentication, your customers and employees can connect to the same wireless network SSID but are granted different levels of network access based on the password you provide them to login. Our management software includes hotspot functionality, allowing the creation of a custom local hotspot featuring a logo, title page, terms of service, and a final landing page. A hotspot can also be set up to redirect to an external URL.

Scalable Multi-Site Management in the Alta Labs management interface makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple campuses quickly and easily. Add, delete, or rename campuses instantly. Toggle between campuses from a site selection drop‑down. Each campus contains its own data set. Our DPI engine provides advanced filtering, allowing the blocking of content by application, selectable from an extensive predefined list or block by domain name.

Our AP6-Pro Access Point is IP-54 rated, providing superior protection from dust in a commercial environment. Built upon a Qualcomm® WiFi 6 networking platform, the AP6-Pro utilizes a 4x4 WiFi 6 configuration in the 5 GHz band, delivering enhanced performance, range, and client capacity. Pair with our 16 and 24-port switches for the ultimate in performance.

Our management interface is designed to be easy to use and can be conveniently used on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Our access points are designed to be scalable, a single AP can cover a smaller home, while several APs can be used in a larger residence with seamless roaming.
Alta Labs Products for Wholesale
AP6 Access Point
• WiFi 6
• Bluetooth
• 3 Gbps max WiFi Rate
• POE+ Power Supply
• Hotspot Functionality
• Mobile App Management
AP6 Pro Access Point
• WiFi 6
• Bluetooth
• 6.3 Gbps max WiFi Rate
• POE+ Power Supply
• Hotspot Functionality
• Mobile App Management
• 4096-QAM
• IP54 Rated
S8-POE Switch
• 8 Interface Ports
• 4 PoE+ Ports
• 60W PoE budget
• Locking wall mount
S16-POE Switch
• 16 Interface Ports
• 8 PoE+ Ports
• 2 SFP Ports
• 120W PoE budget
• Rack mount
S24-POE Switch
• 24 Interface Ports
• 16 PoE+ Ports
• 2 SFP+ Ports
• 240W PoE budget
• Rack mount
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