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With innovative technologies and product solutions, ZTE serves global telecom operators, government and enterprise customers, and consumers. Covering more than 160 countries and regions, ZTE serves over 1/4 people worldwide, and is committed to achieving a bright future of connectivity and trust everywhere.

ZTE R&D investment
• 36 000 R&D personnel.
• RMB 10 billion R&D investment for seven consecutive years.
• 17.6% as a percentage of operating revenue.
• 86 500 global patent applications.
• 45 billion in patents technological value

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New products from ZTE

ZTE MU5120

MU5120 is a ZTE third-generation enhanced 5G portable router that supports the latest 5G NR Rel.16 technologies and integrates WiFi 6, an extra-large battery, a touchscreen, and forward/reverse charging functions. It enables users to smoothly connect to 5G networks anytime & anywhere on pads, mobile phones, laptops, and control consoles, allowing incredible new experience in ARs, cloud games, and 4K videos.

• 5G NR SA&NSA;3GPP Rel.16. Up to 2.716Gbps DL rate.
• 10 000mAh Lithium-ion battery.
• Reverse charging.
• 2.4" Touch screen.
• Direct Connect WiFi.
• VPN Client and VPN passthrough.
• WiFi 6 (11ax) AX3600 WiFi auto optimization.
• ZTE security and stable FOTA.


MC889 is the mainmodel in ZTE's third-generation 5G outdoor CPEs. It supports the latest 5G NR Rel.16 technology, is equipped with an ultra-high-speed PoE network interface,high-gain antennas, and meets the outdoor terminal features required for 5G FWA service deployment. Together with the indoor Wi-Fi router, MC889 can provide consumers with incredible new experience in 5G AR, cloud gaming, 4K video, and other applications.

• 5G NR SA&NSA;3GPP Rel.16 Up to 2.716Gbps DL rate.
• 6.5dBi high gain antenna for 5G high frequency bands.
• 2.5Gigabit RJ45 with POE.
• VPN Client and VPN passthrough.
• Voice can be provided with ZTE IDU product.
• Install Auxiliary APP by BT5.0
• IP65, Operating temperature: -40°C to 55°C
• ZTE security and stable FOTA
ZTE Products for Wholesale
ZTE MU5120
• 5G mobile hotspot
• 5G/4G connection
• WiFi 6 (up to 64 clients)
• Built-in powerbank
• Up to 16h battery in use time
• NFC support
• Colour touch screen
• Easy set-up
• 2-year warranty
ZTE Blade A73 5G
• 5G/4G connection
• 6.52" 90Hz IPS screen
• 50 MP main camera
• 5 MP front camera
• 128GB storage
• 5000 mAh battery
• Android OS
• Affordable
• 2-year warranty
• Indoor 5G router
• Fixed wireless access
• Replaces fiber connection
• 5G/4G connection
• WiFi 6
• High antenna gain
• Internal antennas
• 2-year warranty
• 5G/4G outdoor unit
• Fixed wireless access
• Wall & pole mount included
• Window mount accessory (not included)
• 2.5GbE connection
• PoE adapter included
• Compact design
• 2-year warranty
• Indoor CAT4 router
• 4G connection
• 1 x LAN port
• Foldable Antennas
• Compact design
• Affordable
• 2-year warranty

ZTE and sustainability

ZTE is dedicated to environmental responsibility, focusing on green operations, energy management, and new energy technologies. Since 2005, the company has upheld ISO14001 standards, obtaining third-party certification for its environmental management system. Regular monitoring ensures compliance with environmental laws, and ZTE has implemented measures like transforming equipment to save electricity and developing water-saving technologies.

The company exceeded Ministry of Industry and Information Technology objectives from 2016 to 2019, sharing successful energy-saving practices across cities. ZTE obtained ISO 50001 certification in 2016, ranking among Shenzhen's top nine enterprises in energy conservation. Notably, ZTE's initiatives in the 5G era include the ZEGO micromodular data center solution, achieving a PUE below 1.1 and reducing energy consumption by 30% or more.

ZTE's contributions extend to the new-energy vehicle industry and the launch of PowerMaster ONE, a hybrid power solution for telecom operators. The company ensures its telecommunications products meet international standards for energy conservation, addressing the challenges of increased power consumption in the 5G era with comprehensive energy-saving solutions.

Carbon emissions management is a significant focus for ZTE. The company implements regulations and utilizes energy management centers and software for real-time monitoring and analysis. ZTE actively participates in carbon emission trading systems, quantifying and offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.
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